Attorney Bio

David is an experienced trial lawyer with several years of experience handling personal injury, property damage, breaches of contract, insurance disputes, and bad faith claims.

David began his legal career in 2009 working for a large Salt Lake City firm, specializing in representing insurance companies and defending civil cases. After 8 years of working on the defense side of civil cases, David made the decision to switch and help injured victims get the help they need.

As a member of the Bighorn Law team, David’s primary concern is to assist you in getting the help you need to get better and be made whole. His experience through all stages of your case (beginning with the initial claims process, to all stages of litigation and trial, and when necessary, the appellate process) have provided him with the tools and experience to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

David’s published appellate court cases include the following:

Brown v. Williams, 2017 UT App 29, 392 P.3d 919

Nielsen v. Bell, 2016 UT 14, 370 P.3d 925

Herland v. Izatt, 2015 UT 30, 345 P.3d 661

Wright v. Paradise Turf, 2014 UT App 93, 325 P.3d 894

Sewell v. Xpress Lube, 2013 UT 61, 321 P.3d 1080

Hill v. Superior Property Mgmt, 2013 UT 60, 321 P.3d 1054


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