An Attorney that Understands Hip Implant Complications

For many Americans, hip implant surgery can be life-changing. The increased mobility and overall quality of life that comes with a surgically repaired hip make going through with the procedure worthwhile. 

Unfortunately, in recent years, many individuals have been fitted with what has turned out to be a defective replacement hip, causing them to lose all the benefits of the surgery – and even potentially cause more problems. If you’ve had hip replacement surgery and are having issues due to a faulty hip implant, you need a Las Vegas defective hip implant attorney on your side. We specialize in this unique situation and are able to drive results that will help you get your life back on track. 

Defective Hip Implant

How to Know if My Hip Implant is Defective

Given the time that you need to dedicate to having your hip surgically replaced, you may want to ignore any warning signs that pop up after having the surgery. The desire to get your life back to normal is a driving force to having the surgery, so the last thing you want to believe is that there could still be issues after your recovery. 

But, the sooner you confront the issues that you may be experiencing, the better for your physical and mental health. A Las Vegas hip implant attorney can help you right the wrong that you have experienced due to your faulty replacement hip. 

Some signs that you may have received a defective hip implant are: 

  • Difficulting walking, standing or sitting
  • Pain around the hip
  • Inflammation in the area of the implant
  • Noise or vibration when walking or moving the implant
  • Tiredness and overall fatigue
  • Confusion and memory issues

After visiting a doctor, if it is determined that your hip implant may be faulty, or if you have metal in your bloodstream, call Bighorn Law. You should also consult an attorney if you feel that you do have an issue, but a doctor is not telling you the full story.

Dangers of a Defective Hip Implant

In addition to the obvious lack of comfort and other associated side effects of a defective hip implant, ignoring the issue can lead to more serious health complications as well. If a defective implant is not addressed, it will only get worse. 

One of the most dangerous outcomes of a defective hip implant is having metal particles entering the bloodstream. This is caused by the metal ball and socket of the implant rubbing together, which wears down the actual prosthesis. The metal that may enter the bloodstream in this scenario has the potential to cause damage to body systems and organs, including the heart. Some issues that are associated with a defective hip implant include: 

  • Implant migration or detachment
  • Dislocation or fracture of the hip
  • Other bone fracture near the implant
  • Metal within the bloodstream

Defective Hip Implant Recalls 

Many hip replacement manufacturers are currently facing lawsuits from patients who have received defective implants. The lawsuits claim that the companies provided defective devices and that the manufacturers failed to warn the public about the risks they faced. Companies involved in hip replacement lawsuits include:

  • DePuy
  • Wright Medical
  • Zimmer
  • Stryker

What To Do if You Are Having Problems with Your Hip Replacement

If you have had a hip replacement and are experiencing issues with it, the first thing to do is discuss the problem with your orthopedic surgeon. Your doctor will likely be aware of some of the potential issues with your implant. 

In addition to checking your mobility and the overall status of your implant, a doctor can also check for any metal within the bloodstream with a blood test, and look at organ function in association with any implant issues. 

After visiting a doctor, if it is determined that your hip implant may be faulty, or if you have metal in your bloodstream, get a Las Vegas defective hip implant attorney involved. You should also consult an attorney if you feel that you do have an issue, but a doctor is not telling you the full story.

At Bighorn Law, we have seen these cases before, and we know how to help. A call to talk with a professional to tell them your hip implant story is free, confidential, and no risk to you. We want to hear your story. We want to help. Call 702-935-6209 today.

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