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Essure has become a fairly common form of birth control over the past few decades. While the procedure has been advertised as safe and effective, unfortunately, there are known side effects that can be extremely painful and even dangerous to the woman undergoing the procedure. 

From the time Essure was first approved by the FDA in 2002, there have been thousands of reports from doctors and women on the serious side effects – and numerous deaths have even been reported. In 2015, the FDA updated the number of adverse event reports that involved Essure. In 2016, a clinical study was conducted on the safety and efficacy of Essure. Later in the year, Bayer was required to add a black box warning to indicate the product could cause serious injury or death. 

If you have experienced adverse side effects, get an Essure lawsuit attorney in Las Vegas that understands the procedure and its issues. 

Essure Lawsuit Attorney

What is Essure Birth Control? 

Essure is a non-surgical permanent birth control method for women. During the procedure, a doctor places a soft metal spring-like device in the fallopian tubes. The metal part of the device consists of a stainless steel inner coil and an expanding nickel titanium outer coil. 

The process of Essure is intended to encourage tissue around the device to adhere to it, creating a barrier of scar tissue that will then prevent pregnancy due to sperm being unable to reach the eggs. The buildup of scar tissue is intended to last over three months. Unfortunately, issues have been reported at various stages of the process, from implementation to the scar tissue growth period and beyond. 

Having an attorney that understands the Essure procedure and its potential complications is vital. If you have concerns or have experienced side effects from Essure, get in touch with the professionals at Bighorn Law today. 

Side Effects of Essure Birth Control

The side effects of Essure Birth Control have been reported at various stages – from directly after the procedure to much later down the road. Some of the known side effects of Essure birth control include the following: 

  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Need for additional surgeries, including hysterectomy
  • Autoimmune response, including fatigue, rashes, hair loss, weight gain
  • Device Expulsion
  • Tear of pelvic organs, including the uterus or colon
  • Severe migraines and allergic reactions
  • Migration and disappearance of the device into the body
  • Death and fetal death

Is Essure an Unsafe Procedure? 

As mentioned above, the FDA did announce that Essure would require a black box warning on the packaging of the product. This is the FDA’s highest level to indicate that a product may cause serious injury or death. 

While this warning from the FDA came after many reports of issues and even deaths, many women had the procedure prior to the 2016 rating change. This means that for many women, the heightened safety concerns surrounding Essure came too late. If you or someone you know has had an Essure procedure and has had complications, get a Las Vegas Essure lawsuit attorney involved right away. 

Essure is marketed as a safe, less invasive form of birth control that does not require surgery. However, issues with the product have caused women to need major surgery due to the side effects of Essure. In some cases, women have even had to undergo hysterectomies when the device has moved position, caused organ damage, led to an allergic reaction, or caused other internal issues in their body. 

Questions have arisen about the testing of the product prior to release as well. Some lawsuits have claimed that the Bayer company did not provide completely accurate information to the FDA about potential risks and side effects. Women that were part of initial trials have also claimed that their responses were manipulated to make the product appear safe when there were concerns. Inadequate training of doctors to install the implant has also been a point of reference. 

In more recent years, many women have reached out about their concerns with the Essure procedure and product. If you or someone you know has had this procedure and is concerned, get in touch with a Nevada Essure lawyer right away. 

Essure Implant Complication Help in Las Vegas NV

Having an attorney that understands the Essure procedure and its potential complications is vital in any type of case. If you have concerns or have experienced side effects from Essure, get in touch with the professionals at Bighorn Law today. 

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