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Las Vegas is an extremely diverse city, which is part of what makes it so great. Many immigrants come to the city seeking a better life by pursuing an honest living. We believe that everyone deserves a fair shot – which is why we fight for immigrants to remain in the United States.

People that come to this country and pose no threat to the community need a fair shot – and a Las Vegas immigration attorney can provide that for them. Given the complicated immigration laws that exist in the United States, it’s important to have an immigration attorney on your side that can help you through the difficult process. 

Immigration Rights Attorney

The Importance of an Experienced Immigration Attorney

Unfortunately, many current laws make it difficult for immigrants to get to and remain in the United States. A simple mistake during the process can cause someone to lose their legal status, which can lead to deportation. 

Having an experienced Las Vegas immigration attorney increases the chances of successfully being able to stay in the country. We can help with the complicated paperwork involved and help defend you in court. We keep fighting for you to the end, and have been successful keeping many immigrants in the country so they can continue to follow their dreams. 

Bighorn Law has experienced immigration attorneys on staff that have a track record of success. A big difference between us and other law firms is the personal connection and drive to help each person that reaches out to us.

Asylum Protection for Immigrants

The United States has long protected immigrants from persecution in their home country through granting asylum. An attorney can help with this process by forming a legitimate basis to obtain legal status. Getting this process correct is extremely important, which is why an experienced attorney should be present if you are fearful of returning to your home country. 

There are three ways that it may be possible to obtain immigration status based on a fear of persecution in your home country. They are: 

  • Asylum
  • Withholding of removal
  • UN protection against torture

Las Vegas Deportation Defense Attorney

If deportation is being threatened, an experienced attorney should be involved right away. Dealing with deportation is a serious issue, as it could lead to permanent removal from the United States, which could have dire consequences on someone’s life. 

Anyone facing deportation needs to provide their own attorney as immigration court does not provide attorneys for non-citizens. There are strict deadlines that must be met during the process of defending deportation and the court does is not required to help an immigrant meet those deadlines or provide follow-up. An attorney can help with the strict timelines, and ensure that the best representation is available when it comes to appearing in court. 

Employment Immigration Attorney in Las Vegas

There are several forms of employment immigration – non-temporary and temporary visas are the most common. Many factors come into play when dealing with prospective employers, including education and type of employment. Employment visa applications are very complex and involve specific qualifications, sponsors, and a difficult application process. 

Whether you are an employee or a business owner, we can help with the process of employment visa applications. For business owners, this can be crucial to maintaining essential workforce within your company. 

Non-Temporary Visas

  1. First Preference – These are immigrants who are considered priority workers – people with extraordinary abilities such as high-end researchers, executives and international managers
  2. Second Preference – These are immigrants with professionals that have high-level degrees or have extraordinary abilities. 
  3. Third Preference – These are immigrants that have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, immigrants with special skills and two years of experience, and workers less than two years of on the job training. 
  4. Fourth Preference – These are immigrants who are religious workers. 
  5. Fifth Preference – These are immigrants who are investors that are job creators in American businesses. 

Temporary Visas

It is not common for a temporary visa for employment to be granted, as there are less than 140,000 granted per year. While less common, it is possible, but you must meet the specific criteria to make this possible. Due to how stringent these guidelines are, it is vital that you have an experienced immigration lawyer involved to help with the difficult process. 

Family Immigration Attorney

Having a family connection is still the most common way for someone to obtain immigration benefits. Families are able to assist their immediate relatives and those who qualify for the family preference system. Immediate relatives have the best chance to obtain a visa, but anyone seeking a family visa outside of immediate relatives does have a chance. 

The process may be the most common, but it still remains complex and needs to be navigated by a professional. Having an experienced attorney involved in a family immigration case always provides the best chance of ultimately getting approved. 

ICE Attorney in Nevada

If you or a loved one has been detained by the Department of Homeland Security or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), getting an attorney involved immediately is crucial. The Department of Homeland Security does allow a person to go free during their proceedings through an immigration bond. The amount of the bond is related to the action that brought the person to be detained in the first place. This includes crossing the border, criminal act and overstaying a visa. 

An attorney can help with negotiating the bond amount and help ensure that the proceedings don’t affect any future legal status. Everything that is mentioned at the bond hearing should help, not hinder, the potential for future legal status. An attorney can ensure that what is discussed is in your best interest. 

Student Visa Attorney in Nevada

Obtaining a student visa can provide you the opportunity to study outside of your home country and achieve your dreams. Unfortunately, the process of applying for a student visa is very difficult. Any mistake can lead to the loss of the opportunity for a student visa, which can be a great loss to your future. 

An experienced student visa attorney in Las Vegas can help with the application process to help ensure that everything is done on the proper timeline and in the proper way. If an international education becomes a possibility, enlist the help of an attorney right away to solidify your chances. 

Visas for Victims of Crimes

Unfortunately, many immigrants fall prey to individuals who are looking to take advantage of them by manipulating their immigration status to keep them from reporting crimes. Due to this, visas are available for anyone who is a victim of domestic abuse and other qualifying crimes. 

U Visas and VAWA Petitions are the two most common visas for victims of certain kinds of crimes. It is not easy to qualify for these protections. 

An attorney that has worked with immigrants who are victims of crimes can help ensure their safety and help them retain their legal status. Anyone who has fallen victim to any of this type of activity can call us today. The call is completely confidential and cost-free. 

Common Questions from Immigrants Needing an Attorney

  • Can you stop me from being deported? Bighorn Law has had great success with keeping clients in the United States. We also take care of the visa and green card paperwork to help increase the odds of success. 
  • Am I eligible for asylum? You may be eligible for asylum if you are facing persecution in your home country. We can help through this process, which typically takes six months. 
  • Can I get a work visa? There are several factors that play into the process of applying for and being granted a work visa. A common qualification is being a skilled worker. We can help navigate this process. 
  • Can I bring my family to the United States? Approval for the sponsor of families must go through the USCIS and National Visa Center. We can help with this process to ensure that the process goes as expected. 
  • Can I get a green card? There are many ways an immigrant can qualify for a green card. Family members can sponsor immigrants, there is refugee status and even asylum. Let us help understand the your situation and help you obtain legal status through a green card.
  • How quickly can I become a U.S. citizen? The typical path to citizenship lasts three to five years. A naturalization test is required and there are numerous avenues. We can answer these questions for you and define your path to becoming a citizen. 

Bighorn Will Fight for Your Rights

Bighorn Law has experienced immigration attorneys on staff that have a track record of success. A big difference between us and other law firms is the personal connection and drive to help each person that reaches out to us. The call is completely free, there is no risk, and it is always confidential. We can start helping you as early as tomorrow. Call us today at 702-935-6209.

Bighorn Has Your Back

Our team is ready to help you today. Contacting us is no-cost, risk-free, and confidential. We want to hear your story.

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