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You may be aware of social security disability benefits (SSDI). But those with very little work history may not qualify for these benefits. Luckily, there is still money available for those who are disabled or become disabled that don’t qualify for traditional disability benefits. 

Supplemental Security Income (SSI), is a needs-based program that exists for people who find themselves disabled but don’t qualify for traditional social security disability. These benefits are funded through the general tax revenue and are available to many qualifying citizens. An attorney can take you through the application process and also help if you’ve already been denied SSI benefits. 

An Experienced SSI Attorney for Las Vegas Residents

It is not uncommon to fall on hard times in Las Vegas. The last thing anyone needs is to have a disability that limits the work they can do, and have no way of earning income to keep up quality of life. SSI is there for individuals in difficult situations like this, and we can help navigate through the process to get you the benefits that you deserve. 

Given that not everyone gets approved for SSI benefits in Las Vegas the first time, it’s important to have an attorney involved to help you through the process. But if you have already been denied, you can still work with an attorney to work on an appeal that can ultimately get you the benefits you deserve. 

Individuals who qualify for SSI greatly deserve the benefits, and we are here to help get them. Whether you are looking to apply for the first time, applying for a child, or have already been denied, Bighorn Law can help you today.

Who is Eligible for SSI Benefits in Las Vegas? 

Given the difference between SSDI and SSI benefits, it can be confusing to know who qualifies for which benefits. SSDI is essentially an entitlement program for those who have enough work history to qualify for social security disability benefits. SSI, on the other hand, is available for those who do not qualify for SSDI but still have a disability that hinders their chances of being able to maintain a standard quality of life. 

Often, those who qualify for SSI are children, given they don’t have a work history to fall back on for SSDI benefits. But plenty of adults also qualify, within certain parameters defined below. 

There are three main categories that meet the requirements for the needs-based SSI benefits. 

  • Age – You are age 65 or older
  • Blind – You are determined to have statutory blindness which severely impairs your ability to see.
  • Disabled – You have a physical or mental impairment that is expected to be long-term in nature. It is common for someone under the age of 18 to qualify for SSI due to their lack of work history.

Asset and Income Limits for SSI Benefits

To qualify for SSI benefits, your income must be limited, as this is a needs-based program for individuals who are unable to work or can only perform very minimal duties. This means your income and assets have to be under a certain threshold to qualify and receive SSI benefits.

Those who are approved and receive SSI benefits are required to have less than $2,000 in assets for a single person and less than $3,000 in assets for a couple. In addition, your income must generally be less than $783 per month for a single person and less than $1,175 for a couple. 

The income limit can get a little complicated, as it works on countable income. This includes wages and any other money that is earned from working, plus money that is gained through social security retirement, gifts, and even free food and shelter. But, the SSI may exclude certain parts of earned income from its calculations in order to encourage these individuals to work. For more information on this complex system, get in touch with an SSI attorney in Las Vegas. 

SSI Payment Amounts for 2021

Like SSDI, the SSI monthly payment amount is subject to the cost of living adjustment (COLA), which means that new applicants and current recipients will receive a larger monthly benefit than the year prior. For 2021, COLA is 1.3%. 

Due to these increases for COLA, the SSI monthly payments for 2021 will increase to $794 for an eligible individual and $1,191 for an eligible individual with an eligible spouse, and $397 for an essential person. This amount will be effective as of January of 2021. 

Difference Between SSDI and SSI

As mentioned above, SSDI and SSI are very different programs. Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, is accumulated through a deduction in someone’s regular paycheck. The amount that someone is eligible for depends on their work history, with the greater amount of years paid in and greater income levels qualifying for the largest benefit. 

Supplement Security Income (SSI), is a program that pays benefits to children who are blind or disabled and adults who are blind, disabled, or over the age of 65. Finding out what you qualify for is something that an attorney can help with, but if you haven’t worked or had a very limited work history, it is likely that you will qualify for SSI and not SSDI. 

Similar to SSDI, SSI benefits can be terminated or reduced if you do return to work and start making more than the income limit specifies. Another situation that could lead to loss or reduction of SSI benefits is if your medical condition improves. In this scenario, you may be able to start gaining substantial income. 

SSI Attorney to Help You in Las Vegas

At Bighorn Law, we understand the importance of SSI benefits when it comes to sustaining a good quality of life. Individuals who qualify for SSI greatly deserve the benefits, and we are here to help them obtain them. Whether you are looking to apply for the first time, applying for a child, or have already been denied, we have the experts on staff that can help you. The call is risk-free, no cost, and completely confidential. Call today at 702-935-6209 to get in touch with an expert.

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