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Bighorn Law is a top-rated law firm in Las Vegas, specializing in personal injury, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, and much more. We have a reputation for winning more cases and bigger settlements. When it comes to your case, Bighorn has your back.

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We Fight For What Is Right

Bighorn Law was founded in 2012 on a simple premise – taking care of our family, friends, and community in Las Vegas. We couldn’t stand seeing the everyday person taken advantage of by insurance companies, other law firms, and institutions and become victims of a system they don’t understand.
We started assembling an expert attorney network with the drive to fight for maximum settlements for every case. There’s never a reason to settle for less than what is deserved. Even if it takes a little longer, we work hard to ensure the end result was worth it.
Our results prove our purpose. In the short time since our inception, we’ve won over $150 million in settlements for our clients, including a $13.6 million medical malpractice case. By winning more cases and getting higher compensation, we are able to make our clients whole again.

This place is truly the best! the attorneys are amazing and are willing to help… if I could rate them more than 5 stars I would!

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A Las Vegas Attorney for Your Case

When you partner with Bighorn Law, you are teamed up with a person who cares about you. Our attorneys care more – which means they want to know you and listen to you. The human element allows our team to get every detail to represent you in the best way possible.

Bighorn is known for more settlements and bigger settlements. But when it comes to litigation, our attorneys are the best in Las Vegas. No matter the situation, our team will always fight and always have your back.


Bighorn Has Your Back

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