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Civil Litigation Services for Las Vegas Personal Injury Cases

If you’ve been in an accident or have suffered an injury that is not your fault, getting a Las Vegas personal injury attorney involved early is vital. While not always, some cases require the need for civil litigation. A significant advantage to having an attorney with Bighorn Law is the ability to provide litigation services to you.

When you hire an attorney, a claim is filed with an insurance company, and a settlement is sought. During this time, your attorney will investigate your claim, follow your medical treatment, hire experts, and more. While this may result in a settlement, you may have to file a lawsuit, which creates the need for full attorney litigation services. This will include a trial date, and you will have a judge assigned to your case. 

personal injury litigation

Elements of Personal Injury Litigation

When a personal injury case needs to go to litigation, there will be five stages. The attorneys at Bighorn Law will guide you through the entire process. 

  1. Discovery. During the discovery phase, the evidence is collected to support the claim in court. At this time, the attorney can serve discovery requests to the other party. This requires the other party to respond to the request, which could support the claim. The discovery phase is when witnesses are subpoenaed as well. 
  2. Motions. Once motions are filed for the court, the case is officially in the litigation stage. Motions can be filed to admit or exclude evidence at trial or even to expand on the damages that the suing party is seeking. 
  3. Expert Witnesses. It is common during litigation for expert witnesses to be retained to support the case. Experts can be any professional that is considered an expert in their field, such as doctors, who can speak to a given area of interest in the case. 
  4. Preparation. Your attorney will prep with you prior to the beginning of the hearing. Preparation also may include meeting with any witnesses and preparing them to provide relevant testimony to the case. 
  5. Trial. All of the previous phases lead up to the trial, where a judge or a jury will decide your case. Your attorney will present the evidence, experts will speak, and the process will play out. Having an experienced attorney during a trial and the lead-up to it can be the difference between winning and losing your case. 

Hiring an attorney that can litigate for you is a huge advantage. Bighorn Law fights for you every step of the way, including offering litigation.

Is an Attorney Needed for Litigation? 

While it is not required to have an attorney for a personal injury case, having an attorney will help you achieve the best possible outcome. This becomes especially true if your case is unable to be settled out of court and requires litigation. 

Without an attorney, you will likely be going against professional defense attorneys without the proper assistance to present your case. Having an attorney on your side that does all the prep, finds the best experts, and fully understands Nevada law gives you a huge advantage. 

Litigation is complicated. Having an attorney who will handle it for you and understands the system sets you up to win. The professionals at Bighorn Law are ready to fight for you and represent you to the fullest. Give them a call today at (702) 333-1111.