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Do I Qualify for SSI in Nevada?

Several versions of benefits are available for individuals who are unable to work in the state of Nevada. One benefit, known as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), is a federal benefit program that exists for people that have very limited income and do not have the work history to qualify for more traditional social security disability […]

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SUV Rollover Accidents May Involve Product Liability

SUV Accidents Have a High Rate of Injury Statistically, SUV rollover accidents have a high rate of serious injury or death compared to other automobile rollovers. If you were injured in an SUV rollover accident, you might be able to seek compensatory damages against the party that was at fault. But, it is also possible […]

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Collapsing Seatbacks Can Cause Injury in Auto Accidents

Car Seatback Collapse Can Cause Serious Injury or Death When a car accident happens, the occupants of the vehicle are counting on the safety components of the vehicle to work. Manufacturers put countless hours into vehicle safety testing to offer a quality product to consumers that meet the expected safety standards. Unfortunately, components of the […]

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Is Your Child’s Car Seat Safe?

An Attorney for Defective Child Safety Seats Having a child in an approved and current car seat is one of the most effective ways to keep children safe when riding in a vehicle. According to the CDC, child safety seats reduce the risk of death in passenger cars by 71 percent for infants and by […]

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What to Do if a Defective Tire Causes an Accident

Do I Sue if a Bad Tire Caused an Accident?  When a tire fails while driving, the resulting accident can be catastrophic. Often when these types of accidents occur, a defective or faulty tire can be the reason.  If you or a loved one were injured in a car accident due to a defective tire, […]

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Can I Sue if My Seatbelt Didn’t Work in an Accident?

Legal Help with Car Accidents Where Seatbelt was Faulty Wearing a seatbelt while driving and riding in a motor vehicle is a requirement in nearly every state. In Nevada, anyone older than six or that weighs 60 pounds or more must wear a safety belt or shoulder harness at all times in a moving motor […]

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Can I Sue If My Airbag Didn’t Work?

Legal Help With Car Accidents Where Airbag Didn’t Deploy If you were in a car accident and your airbag failed to deploy, causing severe injuries, you may have a viable case to sue. Legal action could be taken against the automobile manufacturer, airbag manufacturer, or other parties that could be found liable in the matter.  […]


New Nevada Law Will Stop Patients Being Hit With ‘Surprise’ Medical Bills

Nevada law designed to help those in need If you’re unlucky enough to be injured in an accident, or need unexpected medical care, the last thing you want is the worry about how the bill is going to be paid. Previously, patients needing emergency treatment faced bills of potentially thousands of dollars for charges levied […]


Esperenza Fund Provides Support for Nevada’s Immigrant Communities

Fund Created To Support Nevada’s Immigrant Communities In troubled times, acts of altruism and benevolence are something to celebrate. The Esperanza Fund, in public/private partnership with the Governor’s Office for New Americans, will work to raise funds and provide grants for immigrants excluded from benefiting from federal economic stimulus aid packages, according to a press […]

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