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If you need help – you need Bighorn Law. Our clients have won numerous multi-million dollar lawsuits because we’ve protected their rights – personal injury, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, and much more. Bighorn Law has your back in any scenario.



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$13.6 Million Victory
Malpractice Verdict


$3.5 Million Victory
Motor Vehicle
Accident Settlement


$1.5 Million Victory
Slip and Fall Accident


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With more than a dozen attorneys and decades of experience, our knowledge translates to more cases won, higher settlements, and happier clients.

An attorney can make or break a case based on how the case is documented, developed, and positioned for insurance companies and juries – we make sure that nothing is missed in your case and our results prove it.

It’s no surprise Bighorn Law was named in the Top 100 personal injury attorneys in the nation in 2020.

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Part of our winning strategy is simply caring more, but it goes much further than that. When you choose Bighorn Law, you get access to our comprehensive network of the best doctors, surgeons, and conservative treatment specialists available.

We want you to focus on getting well and leave fighting the insurance companies and other people who will take advantage of you to us.


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Do I Qualify for SSI in Nevada?

Several versions of benefits are available for individuals who are unable to work in the state of Nevada. One benefit, known as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), is a federal benefit program that exists for people that have very limited income and do not have the work history to qualify for more traditional social security disability […]

Personal Injury

SUV Rollover Accidents May Involve Product Liability

SUV Accidents Have a High Rate of Injury Statistically, SUV rollover accidents have a high rate of serious injury or death compared to other automobile rollovers. If you were injured in an SUV rollover accident, you might be able to seek compensatory damages against the party that was at fault. But, it is also possible […]

Personal Injury

Collapsing Seatbacks Can Cause Injury in Auto Accidents

Car Seatback Collapse Can Cause Serious Injury or Death When a car accident happens, the occupants of the vehicle are counting on the safety components of the vehicle to work. Manufacturers put countless hours into vehicle safety testing to offer a quality product to consumers that meet the expected safety standards. Unfortunately, components of the […]

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