November 2023

Social Media Addiction Lawsuit

Posted On November 15, 2023

For many, social media has become more of a way of engaging with others than interacting in person. Social media addiction is a continual need to interact with online social platforms despite the anxiety, depression, and mental health effects this interaction causes. Like other addictive behaviors that are health-harming, it can become impossible to break the cycle of addiction, requiring compassionate care through legal advocacy in…

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Nevada Sexual Assault and Abuse Lawsuits

Posted On November 5, 2023

Nevada’s laws allow victims of sexual assault and abuse to file a lawsuit against those who committed the act of sexual penetration against them. Others whose actions contributed to allowing the assault to occur may also face legal repercussions. Below, we look at the right to file a personal injury claim for sexual assault and abuse in Nevada, understanding survivors of these atrocities are never alone….

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