Standing Up for Elderly Abuse Victims in Nevada

Elder abuse is growing at a substantial rate in Nevada and the rest of the country. Elder abuse – taking advantage of someone 65 years of age or older – comes in many forms. Financial elder abuse is one of the emerging forms of elder abuse in Nevada and all over the United States. 

If you or a loved one have been the victim of financial elder abuse, get immediate help from Bighorn Law attorneys. Our firm fights for the disadvantaged and helps secure maximum settlements for them and their families. 

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What is Financial Elder Abuse? 

Financial abuse of an elder involves the use of the elder’s money or property without their permission. The result is a financial loss for the elderly person. 

Financial elder abuse can occur from someone the elderly person knows or someone that they do not know. These kinds of abuses can often occur in nursing homes, where they are either directly stolen from or coerced into a situation that is not financially sound for them but might benefit the caregiver. Elders can also be the victim of schemes where several parties seek to obtain or retain an elder’s personal property. 

Criminal financial abuse includes the illegal or improper use of an elder’s financial resources, where the person acting is aware the person is elderly. This includes any violation of law proscribing theft, embezzlement, forgery, or fraud, or attempting identity theft. 

Who Commits Financial Elder Abuse? 

Elders can be victims of financial abuse from many different perpetrators. This includes nursing homes, caregivers, assisted living facilities, family members, and strangers unknown to them. It is not required to show that the elder was unable to make their own decisions. If someone sought to exploit an elderly person for financial gain, it qualifies as elder abuse. 

Nursing homes are prime for this unfortunate scenario, as the elder often has no one else to trust, and therefore trusts the caregiver at their nursing home. This can result in the caregiver taking advantage of them financially. 

Types of Financial Elder Abuse

Elder abuse can span a wide variety of actions, with the common bond being that someone is trying to financially exploit an elderly person. Types of elder abuse can include, but are not limited to: 

  • Nursing home property theft
  • Real estate fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Investment fraud
  • Trust fund failure
  • Home repair fraud
  • Healthcare fraud

Financial Elder Abuse Attorney Las Vegas

Elderly individuals are among the most vulnerable of the population. They, unfortunately, get taken advantage of often in the United States. The attorneys at Bighorn Law are here to protect the vulnerable from being exploited. If you or a family member has been the victim of any type of elder abuse, get help today by calling 702-935-6209.

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