Car Seat & Seat Belt Laws in Nevada

Posted On January 13, 2024

You may know that there are many benefits to wearing a seat belt, including reducing the risk of serious injury and fatalities in many situations. That is very true for smaller children who may be thrown through a vehicle when a car stops hard or you are hit from the rear. However, it is critical to understand all of the car seat and seat belt laws in Nevada and what they mean to you if you are involved in a car accident.

Key Car Seat Laws in Nevada

Car seats are designed to minimize the risk of a child being hurt while in a moving vehicle. The state of Nevada requires that a child that is less than 57 inches in height and under 60 pounds be within a size-appropriate car seat. That means the car seat should be designed for their weight and age, as well as their overall body structure, to ensure it is safe. Additionally, the car seat must be properly installed according to the manufacturer’s directions and secured directly to the vehicle.

If the child is under 2 years of age, they must be in a rear-facing car seat. They will continue to be in that car seat until they reach the appropriate weight for a front-facing car seat. If you fail to provide this type of safety for your child, it can result in a fine of up to $100.

Seat Belt Laws in Nevada

While children have very specific laws regarding car seats, adults are also required to wear a seat belt in many situations. The state’s seat belt laws require that all people in the car wear a seat belt. This applies to all vehicles that were made after January 1, 1968. While all people in the car must wear one, a police officer pulling you over can only issue a citation if they pull you over for another violation and you are found to be without a seat belt.

Can Not Wear a Seat Belt Limit Your Compensation in a Car Accident?

Seat belts are designed to minimize injury. If you are not wearing one and you are involved in a car accident, that may mean that you are experiencing more severe injuries or complications to your injuries as a result of the lack of restraint. That may mean you violate the law, too.

This does not mean you cannot file a claim for compensation for a car accident. It may mean that the amount of compensation you receive is impacted, though. Many other factors impact this as well, including the type of accident and the extent of injuries.

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