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Hernia surgery is an extremely common surgery performed in the United States, with over 100,000 patients having a procedure of some kind done each year. Of those many surgeries, almost 90% of them are done with mesh implantations. Unfortunately, too many of these surgeries have serious complications afterward. 

Several of the mesh implant devices used in hernia surgeries have been identified as being associated with a serious patient injury. Having a hernia mesh attorney in Las Vegas NV that understands the complications of the procedure and the application materials is your best bet. If you’ve experienced side effects from hernia surgery done with a mesh implant, contact us today. Bighorn Law has won multi-million dollar medical lawsuits and will fight for the highest settlement.  

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What is Hernia Mesh? 

When someone has a hernia, there is weakened or damaged tissue that can cause extreme discomfort. One application to help repair a hernia is surgery using a hernia mesh, which helps support the weakened or damaged tissue. Some hernia mesh is made to remain permanently inside the body, while others are made to allow the body to absorb them when the hernia is healed. 

Hernia mesh material is typically made of processed animal tissue or synthetics. Most often, the animal tissue material is made to be absorbed into the body eventually. Permanent hernia mesh material is made of synthetics like polypropylene. These materials can have negative effects for someone in terms of allergy or material wear, and can even come in contact with internal organs, causing additional issues. 

Making matters worse, many manufacturers are now often covering the synthetic material with a coating designed to help insulate the body from the material. This composite material often seems to create even more potential side effects. 

There are many different types of hernias that can be repaired with hernia mesh and have the potential to have complications. They are: 

  • Inguinal – Hernias occurring in the inner groin
  • Femoral – Hernias occurring in the upper thigh/outer groin
  • Incisional – Hernias occurring through an incision or scar in the abdomen
  • Ventral – Hernias occurring in the abdominal/ventral wall
  • Umbilical – Hernias occurring at the belly button
  • Hiatal – Hernias occurring inside the abdomen, along the upper diaphragm

Hernia mesh lawsuits are picking up steam around the country. If you live in Las Vegas or the surrounding areas of Nevada, get in touch with our hernia mesh specialist attorneys in Las Vegas here at Bighorn Law. 

Side Effects and Complications from Hernia Mesh

Hernia mesh application has been associated with a myriad of health issues for individuals. These issues are known and have been reported to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) through its Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience (MAUDE) database. 

Reported hernia mesh side effects and complications include: 

  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Chronic pain
  • Hernia recurrence
  • Adhesion
  • Allergic reaction
  • Fluid buildup called a seroma
  • Hematoma
  • Fistula formation
  • Tissue or mesh erosion
  • Need for additional surgeries

FDA Reports and Findings on Hernia Mesh

As early as April of 2016, the FDA has acknowledged issues and complications associated with hernia mesh. Some of their findings are as follows: 

“The most common adverse events following hernia repair with mesh are pain, infection, hernia recurrence, adhesion, and bowel obstruction. Some other potential adverse events that can occur following hernia repair with mesh are mesh migration and mesh shrinkage (contraction).

Many complications related to hernia repair with surgical mesh that have been reported to the FDA have been associated with recalled mesh products that are no longer on the market. Pain, infection, recurrence, adhesion, obstruction, and perforation are the most common complications associated with recalled mesh. In the FDA’s analysis of medical adverse event reports to the FDA, recalled mesh products were the main cause of bowel perforation and obstruction complications.”

Companies such as Johnson and Johnson have removed their surgical mesh product due to high rates of complication. This was done largely to avoid being targeted with a recall. 

Polypropylene, a main component of the synthetic mesh material, has been targeted with most of the blame around hernia mesh lawsuits. At this point, a material warning has been registered with the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration about polypropylene. 

Hernia Mesh Lawsuits and Settlements

Lawsuits are being filed against Ethicon Inc. and Atrium Medical due to an increased risk of complications caused by their Physiomesh and C-Qur mesh products. These complications include recurring hernias, the need for additional surgeries, and increased pain following surgery.

These are not class action lawsuits. Class actions are filed by one or more people on behalf of a large group affected in the same way by the same person or entity. If a settlement or verdict is reached, it is distributed equally among the plaintiffs in the suit.

Hernia Mesh Lawsuits, on the other hand, are individual lawsuits. Even if they are certified as a mass tort or multidistrict litigation, any settlement or verdict reached is unique to each individual case. For example, when Ethicon agreed to settle between 2,000 and 3,000 lawsuits involving its transvaginal mesh products, the settlement was not divided equally among the plaintiffs. Instead, those who suffered the most damages were awarded the most money in the settlement.

Hernia Mesh Attorney Help in Las Vegas

Hernia mesh lawsuits are picking up steam around the country. If you live in Las Vegas or the surrounding areas of Nevada, get in touch with our hernia mesh specialist attorneys in Las Vegas here at Bighorn Law. 

There are many complicating aspects of hernia mesh side effects and how to properly file a claim. Our professionals can help with your case and get the results you deserve. Get help today by calling 702-935-6209.

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