Bard Catheter (Powerport) Lawsuits

Bard catheter, or PowerPort, lawsuits are pending for several reasons, including that these devices failed to work as described, causing victims serious injuries. Some people claim they caused blood clots, hemorrhage, and punctures to the heart.

If you have been the victim of a complication caused by the PowerPort catheter, contact Bighorn Law for immediate help and guidance from a Las Vegas medical lawsuit attorney. You may be eligible for compensation for your losses.

What Is the Bard Catheter?

The Bard PowerPort catheter is a device that is implanted into a vein to deliver medication or fluids to a person. It is often called a BardPort. It is commonly used in the treatment of cancer during the administration of medications through chemotherapy.

Why Are There Bard Catheter Lawsuits?

Some people have filed lawsuits against the makers of the Bard PowerPort because they claim the device causes blood clot formation or carries a high risk of infection and risk to organs when used. Victims claim that the device is defective in the way it works and can cause a high flow rate of medication or fluid into the body. This can lead to the catheter breaking into very small parts.

Those parts can then travel through the body and impact other areas of the body. These fragments can travel throughout the body in the bloodstream, leading to a number of potential risks, including:

  • Blood clot formation
  • Ruptures to blood vessels throughout the body
  • Punctures to the heart
  • Pulmonary embolisms
  • Abnormal heart rhythms

Those who have suffered these complications have filed lawsuits (or may do so in the short term) claiming the manufacturer, Becton Dickinson, should be responsible for their medical complications and financial losses related to the defective product. They claim that the company may have known about these defects for some time, and it did not take action to prevent patients from suffering further failures.

Could You Have a Case Against the Manufacturers?

If your doctor used the Bard PowerPort during your care, then it becomes essential for you to consider any complications you may have had. Some of the injuries that people have reported associated with these devices include:

  • Cardiac punctures
  • Blood clot formation from the device use
  • Perforating of blood vessels
  • Tissue death called necrosis
  • Hemorrhage or hematomas not otherwise explained
  • Infection not otherwise explained
  • Severe pain that is otherwise undetermined
  • Fluid buildup around the heart, called pericardial effusion

If you suffered any of these injuries, it is critical to seek legal support from an attorney dedicated to working closely with you who has experience going up against medical manufacturers. Talk to us about the medical conditions you had, the complications you had in the use of these catheters, and the impact it has had on your health.

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