Standing Up for Bicycle Accident Victims in Nevada

Las Vegas is a great city for bicyclists. Biking to work is common for locals within the city, and the outreaching regions of Vegas and Nevada provide outstanding outdoor biking trails. But all that biking activity means that bicycle accidents are unfortunately common as well. 

Given the Las Vegas landscape, bicycle accidents involving automobiles are most commonly how bike riders get injured. And being that automobiles have a huge size advantage over bikes, it is often a bad situation for bikers when the two collide. If you’ve been injured in a car versus bike accident, or have been injured on your bike due to no fault of your own, it’s important to report the accident and get representation right away.

Many bike accidents go unreported, but the bike rider may not realize their injuries until much later. Don’t let this happen to you. Get a Las Vegas bicycle accident attorney on your side today.

Bicycle Accident Injury

I Was in a Bicycle Accident in Las Vegas. What Should I Do?

While biking is often a serene activity to take part in, when an accident happens, it can be extremely scary. It’s very important to try to stay calm and get attention for your injuries right away. Once your immediate medical concerns are addressed, you should report the accident to authorities. Also document the accident on your own if you are able to. 

Once you have taken care of your health, reported the accident, and documented what you can, you should contact a Las Vegas bicycle accident attorney. An experienced local attorney can help you with bringing proper action against who is liable for the accident. If another vehicle was involved, there may be other parties involved than just the driver themselves. The driver’s employer, their insurance company, and even your insurance company may need to get involved. A lawyer can help sort through the difficult liability piece of your bicycle accident. 

Given that the time you have to bring a claim against someone is limited, you need to speak to a Las Vegas law firm early on. You will need to be compensated for your damages, medical bills and more. An attorney can help to make sure that you get everything you are entitled to.

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, it’s likely not your fault. Get an attorney that will stand up for your rights as a bicyclist and fight for maximum compensation. Bighorn Law has won numerous multi-million dollar personal injury settlements.

What are the Most Common Bicycle versus Automobile Accidents? 

While not every bicycle accident involves a motor vehicle, they are the most common by far. This is especially true in Las Vegas, where the streets are often very congested, causing poor visibility and difficulty for bikers and pedestrians. There is also tourist traffic in the city, and the drivers may not be completely familiar with the city streets. 

The most common types of bicycle versus automobile accidents are: 

  • An automobile makes a right turn into a bicycle. This is probably the most common type of accident with cars and bicycles. When stopped at a red light, drivers are often concerned with cross-traffic and do not look to see if a bicycle has the right away, causing a collision. 
  • An automobile makes a left turn into a bicycle. While not as common as right-hand turning accidents, vehicles do have a difficult time seeing bicycles when making left-hand turns, particularly when there is cross traffic to contend with that may have blocked their view of the bike. 
  • A driver opens their door and hits a bicycle. Given the tight city streets of Las Vegas, it is easy for someone to park and open their door without checking for bicycle traffic. This collision may happen when the vehicle is stopped, but can still cause serious damage to the bicycle rider and the bike. 
  • A vehicle rear-ends a bicycle. Again, the crowded streets of Las Vegas come into play here, as a motorist may not be paying attention to the actions of a bicyclist, causing them to rear-end them just as they may a car or truck. Unfortunately for the bike rider, they don’t have a vehicle around them to protect themselves in this scenario. 

Do I Need an Attorney if I’m in a Bicycle Accident? 

It is common for bicyclists to feel like they were at fault or not report an accident. But the fact is, bicycles have the right away in many scenarios. For this reason, it is important to have an attorney evaluate your Las Vegas bicycle accident. 

With a Las Vegas bicycle accident attorney on your side, you are able to get an advantage in a situation that is often not set up in your favor. Some of the many steps that an attorney will take to evaluate your bicycle accident include, but are not limited to:

  • Fully investigate your accident, including going to the accident scene
  • Review the police report and details of the report versus what you have documented
  • Speak with witnesses of the accident
  • Speak with medical professionals to understand the scope of your injuries
  • Work with insurance companies to produce a favorable result
  • Represent you in court
  • Negotiate a settlement outside of court
  • Work the complexities of liability

A Bicycle Accident Attorney for Las Vegas Residents

If you’ve been in a bicycle accident and have been injured as a result, it is likely not your fault. After tending to your physical needs and reporting the accident, give us a call. Bighorn Law has a wealth of experience assisting Las Vegas bicycle accident victims. 

Get in touch with an expert today by calling 702-935-6209 or filling out a form on this page. We will start helping you today.

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