Las Vegas Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyer

Using an Uber or Lyft can be one of the easiest ways to get around, especially when you are visiting an area you do not frequent. Yet, just like any other vehicle, you could be involved in an accident while using these services. If so, there could be numerous parties responsible for the injuries you have suffered. Having a Las Vegas Uber and Lyft accident lawyer is critical to navigating what happens next.

At Bighorn Law, our talented team of personal injury attorneys has ample experience providing clients with legal representation in challenging cases like these. We will work to determine who is responsible and fight for the compensation owed to you.

Who Is Responsible for What Happened to You?

Uber and Lyft are very large companies that have specific rules in place to protect drivers and themselves from claims made against them. Consider a few scenarios to determine who may be responsible for the losses you have incurred.

The Uber Driver is Responsible for Causing an Accident While You Are in the Car

This is a very common situation. The driver makes a mistake, and an accident occurs. In this situation, Uber’s insurance is in place to cover the losses you may have in most cases. The driver may also have coverage.

You Were Waiting for the Driver and Not Yet in the Vehicle When an Accident Occurs

Uber and Lyft liability insurance starts the moment your route is logged into the app. If the driver runs over your feet while you are waiting for them, for example, the driver’s personal liability insurance is applicable, but the company’s policy does not apply.

You Are Riding in the Vehicle, But the Driver Never Logged Into the App

This situation can occur when drivers try to hide the work they are doing from Uber or Lyft. However, unless the driver logs into the app, you do not have coverage from the company itself.

Another Driver Strikes the Vehicle You Are In

Sometimes, it is not the Uber or Lyft driver that is at fault but another party. In this situation, you should have liability protection from the other driver’s policy.

Wondering Where to Start in Getting the Compensation Owed to You?

Sometimes more than one party is to blame, and for others, it is very clear who is at fault. The key to remember here is that you are the victim. You need to have an accident attorney by your side that can help you navigate these legal options. That includes working to ensure that you understand all of your losses.

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