Las Vegas Uber/Lyft Sexual Assault Lawyers

Getting into an Uber or Lyft vehicle believing you are safe should not be a luxury but a right to obtain this service. Yet, there are times when people face all sorts of injuries, including sexual assault. Our Las Vegas Uber/Lyft sexual assault lawyers bring with them a passion for fighting for our clients and their best outcomes. If you believe you have a case or just want more information, call a Las Vegas car accident attorney at Bighorn Law for immediate help.

Do Not Wait to Get Help if You are a Victim

As highly experienced and skilled attorneys, we fight for our clients no matter what they are up against. In situations where you suffered sexual assault, we encourage you to reach out to us and the police to document what occurred. Our Uber/Lyft sexual assault lawyers bring with them years of experience fighting for victims who have suffered due to the negligence of others.

Throughout our careers, our attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. It matters when you are facing long-term emotional and mental anguish and trauma from an incident like this to have an attorney who cares and one with ample experience. You can expect our legal team to work tirelessly to support you in every step of the process.

We Work to Prove Your Case

Even after seeking help from the police, you may find that little is being done to help you. If you are the victim of assault, you are owed better than that. Let our Las Vegas Uber/Lyft sexual assault attorneys help you. We will do that first by gathering information from you about what occurred without making you relive the incident. Our team is compassionate, and we know how much is on the line in a situation like this.

To prove your case, we will gather evidence in any way possible. Some examples of this may include:

  • Evidence collected that proves assault occurred, such as in a hospital setting
  • Witness statements
  • Information from others who interacted with you before or after the event
  • Insight from any photos or posts available online
  • Data from recorded videos or traffic cameras that can validate location and time

Proving sexual assault is not simple, but our experience helps to ensure you are given the best possible ability to move your case forward. Meet with our sexual assault lawyers to discuss your case at length.

There are various ways to prove a sexual assault occurred. Some examples we may recommend include:

  • Police reports that document what occurred and the evidence police found at the scene
  • Sexual assault and rape kits that can prove what occurred – seek out help from the emergency room for this
  • Security reports from the rideshare company that could be used to prove what occurred

Every incident is different. We are here to help you navigate what to do. If you are faced with assault like this, do not feel as though you are alone. Let us hold those who hurt you accountable for what happened. That includes filing charges with the police and protecting your financial future while you do so.

Could Lyft or Uber Be Responsible for Your Injuries?

Filing a lawsuit against Lyft or Uber for any reason is challenging because of their numerous policies and restrictions. Yet, if we can prove that they should have known there was a risk to allowing this person to use their service, and that led to your incident, they could be liable.

Our attorneys have experience holding big corporations like this accountable for the losses they cause. To do this, we need to seek out evidence in the following way:

  • The sexual assault took place, including what happened, where, and how
  • You suffered damages from the incident, including medical bills, emotional trauma, or other losses
  • Uber or Lyft did not do a background check on the individual because of their history
  • Uber or Lyft received warnings that this driver was not safe or that he or she had committed crimes like this in the past
  • Prove that the rideshare company was at fault due to their negligence in offering security or a safe location

It is undoubtedly complex to prove that any type of sexual assault occurred when it is one person’s word against the other. That should not stop you from getting the legal guidance you need. We do not stand down but rather fight for our clients and their right to full and fair compensation. That means we will use any information about the defendant, including their history and the police report, to prove that Uber or Lyft should have known and done something in this case.

Common Types of Sexual Harassment and Assault That May Occur

If you feel as though you were put at risk in any way, even through actions not mentioned here, contact our Las Vegas sexual assault attorneys. There is no reason to wait. The following are some examples of sexual assault that warrant immediate help in a situation like this:

  • Fondling a person
  • Groping or sexually touching another person
  • Forced or coerced kissing
  • Forced or coerced penetration
  • Forced or coerced sexual touching of any sexual body part or any other area
  • Non-consensual sexual penetration or touching

If one of these situations or something similar happened to you, your first priority is to yourself. Get medical care and file a police report. Our Uber and Lyft sexual harassment attorneys can help you to do that if needed. Contact us, and let us go to work to fight to protect you from further injury.

Set Up a Free Consultation with Our Attorney to Learn What We Can Do to Help You

Our Las Vegas Uber/Lyft sexual assault attorneys have helped others who have faced these very tragic incidents and held all of those who caused these incidents accountable. We are here to help you as well.

Call Bighorn Law now. Request a free consultation from our attorney. Our team is available to you 24 hours a day, and we are committed to remaining by your side providing compassionate support.